S L A N T  //  Second Edition



Nicholas Leither

& Barry Horwitz

Nicholas Leither is a writer, and teaches composition and Great Books at Saint Mary's College of California. Barry Horwitz teaches English Language and Literature, and founded the Saint Mary's College of California Writing Tutor Program.


Slant for the College Writer

This succinct college writing manual demonstrates a step-by-step process for creating phenomenal and engaging essays, encouraging every college writer to express and hone his or her personal voice and slant in every part of the writing process. It takes students beyond writing essays they have to write, challenging them to write essays they want to read.

Straightforward, Cutting-Edge Guide

It’s one thing for an instructor to find a writing textbook that offers effective writing strategies.  It’s yet another thing to find a textbook that students enjoy, and that excites them about their own writing.  Slant offers both, and does it in a way that provokes and challenges the student writer without the intimidation many feel when they begin writing in college. 

The Writing Process

From creating a topic to revising a draft, this text guides students through each part of the process of writing an effective college essay.


With an emphasis on the creative pursuit of writing an essay, Slant teaches students how to activate their own curiosities, voices, interests, and arguments.  It begins to break down that unfortunate divide that exists between creative writing and academic writing.

Classroom Tested.  Instructor and Student Approved.

For three years, Nicholas Leither compiled feedback from numerous college professors who used Slant in their courses across the curriculum.  Leither worked directly with students, collecting feedback and research that helped make this edition appealing and more effective for students.  Likewise, Barry Horwitz has spent thirty years teaching writing, developing the writing process, and collaborating with other writing instructors.  Horwitz’s contributions and his review of Slant come from a successful history of teaching writing and collaborating with teachers. 



Publication Date: July 7, 2016


"When I used Slant, I learned how to generate an essay topic, organize it, draft it, and revise it.  Slant made me realize that my writing could be an expression of my individual opinion, not just another assignment.”

                                                                                               -Sophie Jacobucci, College Student

“Every time I read this book, I feel like the author wrote the book just for me.  It’s like he’s sitting here and we’re having a conversation.” 

                                                                                                 - Nora Gustafson, College Student 

“Before reading Slant, I was hesitant to show my own voice.  I felt my writing was broad and nothing special.  After using Slant, I developed my own style, making my writing unique and more appealing to my readers.” 

                                                                                                     -Cassidy Young, College Student


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Crescendo Analysis Worksheet for All Sources (PDF)*

Crescendo Analysis Worksheet for Textual Analysis (PDF)*

Peer Review Worksheet (PDF)

Slant Grading Rubric (PDF)


*Crescendo Analysis by Nicholas Leither is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


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